DTECH-ENGINEERING wins GE’s prestigious competition

Wednesday, December 11-2013

General Electric has announced the results of its global 3D -printing challenge. Our co-founder M. Arie Kurniawan, came  in first-place in this top-tier challenge hosted by GE this  year. Our team is thrilled to receive news of this accolade,  a testament to our hard work and solid collaboration.

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Tuesday, September 17-2013

Our Co-Founder (M Arie Kurniawan) has been named one of the  ten finalists of a presitigious engineering contest held by  General Electric, the US-based multinational company. The  goal of the challenge is to design the lightest yet  strongest jet-engine bracket. The competition has been  labeled a high-end engineering design, one that pushes  participants not only to use technical skill but also to  think outside the box. The ten designs from the finalists  will be additively-manufactured with a Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5  Titanium) material, and then will be physically tested.

The design process involves use of a CAD software and FEA  (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve the lightest and  strongest design. Our co-founder’s design has produced an  83.4% reduction in the weight of the jet engine bracket, so  far the maximum of the competitors. The accomplishment has  been a result of DTECH-ENGINEERING team’s diligence and  teamwork, two things we have always been proud of.

Click here for the official General Electric (GE) announcement.