About Us

DTECH-ENGINEERING was establised in 2009 by Arfi’an Fuadi  (Founder) and M Arie Kurniawan (Co-founder). Located in  Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia.

We are committed to  providing high-quality mechanical engineering, design  optimization/development and product design services. Since  2009, we have expanded our world-class design team to  provide superior services for our customers from around the  globe.

Our team works tirelessly as we aim to provide the  best design service in the industry, with support that is  second to none.

Our offered services :

  • Mechanical design
  • Consumer product design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Converting your hand sketch into manufacture-able CAD data (3D and 2D).
  • Converting your idea (description) into manufacture-able CAD data (3D and 2D).
  • Provide high quality 3D rendering (picture/animation) for marketing/presentation purpose.
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to check the design stress-strength based on material properties and design.
  • Rapid prototyping (CNC machining and 3D printing).
  • Shop Drawing.

We appreciate you taking the first step of visiting our  website, and we are always prepared to be your personal  engineering solution provider.


Warm Regards

Arfi’an Fuadi & M Arie Kurniawan